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Logic, Inductive & Deductive William Minto

Logic, Inductive & Deductive

William Minto

ISBN : 9780836969979
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 About the Book 

I received the Kindle version for FREE, but only shows paperback version available on here.I was hoping this book would help with logic reasoning on LSAT and that you will need this skill in law school- but just starting the book...seems to be out of scope for me. Ill review and see if it can help any...definitely not a resource for this.This book is written in Old English (archaic) but still able to review- refers to Greek philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle, then also laws of thought, etc. but liked the bias on these various laws introduced and also seeing the fallacies of principles. Overall, I found myself skimming through the logic and reasoning proposed.Since I was considering to go to law school and taking the LSAT in October, I wanted to see if I can grasp some enlightenment on the material at hand. The first few chapters were quite daunting, abstract, and Old English writing which made it a bore. However, when I skimmed to the end, there was some brief insight on formal logic that is used when prepping for LSAT, also plurality of causes as well as alternative possibility of causation, and to look upon hypothesis and analogies when dealing with probable cause (or certain type of cases especially criminal related). Only this part had my senses stirring and got light insight as a whole. This may be a resource in the future, who knows.Overall, this book wasnt what I was expecting but for FREE who could complain.2 stars (okay read but yet not your typical or easy read).Adrienna TurnerAuthor of ten books.www.adriennaturner.webs.com