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An Unlikely Pairing Diane Collier

An Unlikely Pairing

Diane Collier

Kindle Edition
17 pages
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 About the Book 

Henry and Alicia meet by accident early one morning when he rescues her. Before long, she has become part of his life, his heart and his future. Alicia had thought she wasn’t capable of emotional attachment, but soon learns that Henry really is a knight in shining armor.Excerpt:As the weeks passed and they suppressed their urges, they grew closer. The tension between them built until Alicia couldn’t take it anymore. Lying awake at night, listening and hoping to hear the sound of his footsteps outside her door was eating away at her. She’d tried all means to relieve the urges, believing that it was simply a matter of lust, an aftermath of the night in the park, hormones! Anything to try and explain away the way she was feeling. Nothing made sense to her.