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SuperScrimpers Soda Elena Bondar

SuperScrimpers Soda

Elena Bondar

Published December 8th 2013
Kindle Edition
82 pages
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 About the Book 

How 4 lbs of baking soda will save you $90 in just one month!Boost you health and minimize your environmental footprint.Reduce cellulite, lose weight and make your skin glow!This book will show you a few practical ways you can introduce this powder into your life, promoting health, wealth and happiness, as well as doing a little something for our environment.We will reveal to you the secrets behind a beautiful and slim figure by using soda to promote weight loss and reduce cellulite.Create a spa salon in your own bathroom using colorful and aromatic soda bombs.Replace expensive and chemically toxic commercial cleaning agents with your own powerful and healthy varietiesUse soda to care for your pets and even your car.Do you love gardening and nurturing house plants? Do you have small children or are you expecting a child? You enjoy spending time in nature? Or maybe you prefer a fun party (and how to deal with the hangover)?Then this book is for you.In these days of financial austerity, we are all looking for ways to keep down costs while providing the best and healthiest solutions for ourselves and our families. Once you learn to appreciate the benefits and versatility of this amazing non-toxic white powder, youll understand why it has been such an important part of our history and culture.In this book, youll find 123 really useful applications to improve your life and trim your budget