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A Gangstas Son II


Published February 24th 2014
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Ton didn’t stand a chance.When he pulled up and parked his girlfriend’s Jeep in front of their home on the corner of 16th and Drake, Tyrone and Joe-Joe were standing outside the convenience store across the street. Their shirts were lifted in the back by the protruding thirty-round magazines of their Ruger pistols. They were mixed in among a crowd of Drake Street TVLs and Jessica was behind the wheel of Tyrone’s Monte Carlo at the curb- she had her head down and her hands clasped together, praying.As soon as Ton pushed open his driver’s door, Tyrone and Joe-Joe drew their guns and opened fire, sending round after devastating round into Ton’s body. They didn’t stop shooting until he was slumped over on the passenger’s seat with one bullet-riddled leg hanging out the open driver’s door.Everyone on the corner fled hastily, either on foot or in their cars.“Hurry up and get in!” Jessica shrieked, flicking her nervous, terrified eyes at every car that sped past.Joe-Joe looked to Tyrone for his next move.“Think he dead?” Tyrone asked his younger cousin.“Nigga, let’s go! Hell yeah he dead!” Joe-Joe grabbed a handful of Tyrone’s shirt, ran to the Monte Carlo’s passenger door, snatched it open, and pushed Tyrone in beside Jessica. Then he slipped into the backseat mere seconds before Jessica busted a U-turn and sped off down 16th Street.Tyrone noticed that Jessica’s hands were trembling on the steering wheel and her knees were knocking together incessantly. But he didn’t care about her being upset. ‘That’s what she get for fuckin’ my nigga Mikey,’ he thought as he raised his phone and dialed Mikey’s number.“What up, joe?” Mikey answered.“Shit. We just handled dat one situation. About to go lay down till later on. You can stick a fork in Ton, though,” Tyrone chuckled. “His ass is cooked.”