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Beyond The Yellow Tape: Life & Death On The Streets Of DC Mr. Curtis E. Mozie

Beyond The Yellow Tape: Life & Death On The Streets Of DC

Mr. Curtis E. Mozie

Published August 18th 2012
Kindle Edition
686 pages
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 About the Book 

This true to life account captures the most violent crimes that took place on the streets of DC/ During the late 80s, 90s and present. This historically critical acclaimed video/book memoir was created when DC was labeled as the The murder capital of the world. A time when DCs notorious hit-man WayneSilk Perry was terrorizing communities with numerous murders. When the shotgun stalker was driving around shooting and killing innocent people. The stories depicted throughout this book are truly amazing. Having been a law officer himself, the gangs and the communities allowed the author Curtis E. Mozie, a/k/a/ C-webb, to have unprecedented access to intimately explore their violent and brutal underworld.C-webbs book and videos artfully captures the deceitful candidness of everyday city kid life in his Safe House interviews. In a relaxed way, they open up to Curtiss camera, voicing aspirations of existences in the language of basketball talk, fatherhood props, or just by freestyle rapping in cyphers. But suddenly overtime, the boys laid mortally wounded in the streets or found themselves victims of gang violence. Candidness in interviews changed from hope to predicting their non-existences. Its as if they knew their deaths would be just murder scenes, forgotten names and numbers in statistics, so they called on Curtis to record them. To reverse the statics to describe a parent, child, student, and in death-a teacher. With no restraints, blocks, or suppression to access, he shows the the nature of gang life as seen from DCs Emergency rooms where doctors frantically work to save thousands of lives. He captures the involuntary direct expressions of the families imprisoned in the cycle of murders, seemingly without cease, overcome with grief, unable to curtail feelings crying over the bodies of dead loved ones doctors couldnt save.Safe House interviews and the streets. The candid interviews and the place where youth and adults mourned the lost of family members and were mentored on at risk behavior. Along the way, he caught the attention and received the support of five time N.B.A. all-star and TNT N.B.A. Network host Chris Webber and New Yorks rap star mogul, Nasir Nas Jones. This author has appeared on numerous news media outlets across the world. His message is an unfaltering dedication and commitment to making not just the city of DC safer for everyone, he wants every city and state around the world to be safer for everyone. No doubt these stories depicted in this true to life account will have a dramatically effect on those living an at-risk life style. It is definitely a story on one mans journey to change negative behaviors to positive.